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Design Go Slimlite Torch - freestanding or booklight

Design Go Slimlite Torch - freestanding or booklight
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A torch or reading lamp is an essential item on any trip away from home.  What's great about this slimlite torch is that it can be a reading lamp, a desk light, a torch and a great survival tool.


Clip-on adjustable L.E.D. reading light

Freestanding portable bedside lamp

• Powerful hand torch

• Dimmer power saving function


 GTC says "A good booklight is a travel essential; you can use it to read on planes or in bed or find your way around in the dark; when staying in a strange hotel always sleep with your torch next to your bed so you can find your way out in an emergency. Always make sure you know the quickest way to the nearest emergency exit as well."


Design Go Slimlite LED Travel Light




To signal for help using a whistle or torch, use the old-fashioned Morse code SOS signal.

  • ...---...
  • This means 3 short blasts or flashes, then 3 longer ones, then three shorter ones again.
  • Wait three seconds before doing it again. It would sound like this:beep beep beep beeeep beeeep beeeep beep beep beep
  • You will be answered in 3 blasts from a whistle or 3 flashes from a flashlight
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